Australian Personal Histories


  1. The first 3 people that sign up for this service and pay their deposit get 50% discount off all products!
  2. MAY MAYHEM - Anyone who pays their deposit in March 2015, gets 33% OFF (provided they had missed out on Offer 1)



At Personal Histories we firmly believe that our clients need to be aware of the costs involved, and we want you to be able to decide what package would fit your budget, or indeed, if this is what you or your family would like to invest in.

Think of this project as if building a house. You can have a small house or a larger house. You can buy something “off the plan” or design your own package. A la carte, if you will.

Please note that the pricing given here is for guideline purposes only and is not a binding quote. Costs may be adjusted to reflect your individual production requirements.


All prices inclusive of GST.

  1. Starter Pack: $2,200
  2. Mid Size: $3,300
  3. De Luxe: $4,400
  4. Ala Carte: $2,200 + ½ daily rate of $550

Why these costs?

Personal Histories delivers a quality product. We use professional equipment and professional staff who have decades of experience in media production.

Costs cover:

  • Recording your interview
  • Assistance in planning and organising materials beforehand
  • Clarifying questions and topics to be discussed during the recording
  • Fine-tuning your story
  • Detailed post-production editing

Can I Change My Mind?

Indeed you can. You can upgrade at any time to a more expensive package, and you can cancel at any time. Cancellation fees will be charged to cover our time and materials, and no deliverables will be provided. Cancellation charges are worked out at $550 per ½ day (or part of) on-site work.

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