Australian Personal Histories

The End Product

Personal Histories will produce a video, which will be handed over to you as TWO copies of a DVD. Additionally, and at your choice, we can put the video on Youtube or Vimeo websites, with or without a password, to allow people to see it without the DVD.

Ownership & Licensing

The end product (i.e. video) is the copyright of the production company, which is RemekTek Pty Ltd, trading as RemekTek Media. You are licensed to use the material in any way that does not generate income. If the video is to be used in a situation where a fee is received (such as a TV broadcast) then that fee is to be divided 50% to you and 50% to RemekTek Pty Ltd.
A more detailed legal license is provided with our Agreement and available on request.

(c) RemekTek Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.